Touring Opportunities

Performances. MCB seeks both opportunities to perform at venues, and companies to partner with, throughout the Midwest and nationally.

Master Classes & Workshops. MCB offers dance classes and intensive workshops for schools, colleges, and other organizations that cater to multiple levels of skill and ability -from competition level to special needs and the elderly. Classes present a unique opportunity to begin or advance training, or introduce a new fitness activity. Participants learn Missouri Contemporary Ballet technique, style, and repertoire from current company members and directors.

Interactive Educational Demonstrations. These short performances introduce the audience to dance and take them through the daily life of the company. After performing a piece from the company’s repertoire and demonstrating classical steps, the dancers provide an interactive experience by inviting audience members to the stage to practice their own dance moves. Demonstrations conclude with time for the audience members to ask the dancers questions.

Demonstrations are appropriate for all audiences and occasions, and make a wonderful experience for children or adults of any age. Schools and universities, retirement homes, and corporate retreats are just some of the places we can perform.

MCB is school touring qualified by the Missouri Arts Council. Our study guide links ballet and the arts to topics such as math, history, and science.

Please contact Missouri Contemporary Ballet to discuss touring opportunities. (573) 219-7134 or Inquiries may also be mailed to: Missouri Contemporary Ballet, 110 Orr Street, Suite 102, Columbia, MO 65201

For information on booking Missouri Contemporary Ballet for performances in Missouri through the Missouri Touring Performing Directory provided by the Missouri Arts Council click here.


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