Beau Aero

Beau Aero is President and founder of Columbia Safety & Supply. He is a co-founder of the Columbia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that benefits children, education, and the arts.  Beau graduated with a B.J. degree in marketing and advertising from the University of Missouri, 2001, summa cum laude. He is proud to be sixth generation mid-Missourian, originally from Cooper County, Missouri.

Columbia Safety & Supply has grown to become the premier international outfitter of contractor equipment and supplies, keeping workers both safe and productive while on the job. The company maintains offices and distribution centers in Atlanta, Georgia, Columbia, Missouri, and Dallas, Texas.

Beau and his husband, Alfredo Martin, actively volunteer with local charities, and keep busy with family and friends.  Their two dogs, Anabelle and Andre, are constant companions.

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