Dr. Curt Kippenberger

“As a climber, I really like dancing with rocks, so I figured I would try dancing with a human instead”

Dr. Curt Kippenberger grew up in Rolla Missouri. He moved to Columbia in 2000 to pursue a degree in exercise physiology: while at the university, he served as a student athletic trainer for the Mizzou Football team, and competed as an elite amateur cyclist.

In 2006, Curt and his high school sweetheart Krista left a town they had come to love to pursue his doctorate in chiropractic at Logan University.  Curt continued to cultivate his sports medicine interest through several hundred hours of postgraduate courses while finishing his degree.  These courses, along with past experiences cultivated the vision for his future practice.

The Kippenbergers returned to Columbia in 2010 and founded Focus On Health Chiropractic. The clinic actively sponsors Big Tree Cycling, Walt’s Cycling Team, the Columbia Multi-sport Club, the Outlaws Rugby Team,  the CoMO Derby Dames, and most recently the Missouri Contemporary Ballet.

Curt has a strong desire to serve and give back to the Columbia community: each year the team at FOHC votes on a local philanthropy to raise money throughout the year. Curt is excited to add MCB to the 2019 cause!

In his free time, Curt enjoys spending as much time possible outdoors and traveling. He and his family enjoy hiking, rock climbing and cycling together. The couple’s two girls Kaydence and Matti fit quite well into their busy lifestyle. Occasionally, but not very often you may find Curt posted up in his hammock in the back yard with a good glass of bourbon, and some solid tunes in the background.

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